Bitcoin Resources

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Bitcoin (BTC)

Best exchange globally and fully verifies Lebanese. Click this banner and signup to share 20% of each other’s trading commissions.

Local Marketplaces, P2P Exchanges, and Info Websites – Temporarily offline
Lebanon based BTC/LBP exchange app, currently under alpha phase.

BTC Market Place – Lebanon
Telegram chat group – Local Bitcoin peer to peer exchange.

Bitcoin du Liban
Local Bitcoin educational web portal.

Bitcoin du Liban – Chat
Telegram chat group – Bitcoin info.

Local Bitcoin peer to peer exchange.

Local Bitcoin peer to peer exchange and under development e-commerce solution.

Lebanon Miners
Telegram chat group – Local miners’ community and parts supply.

Bitcoin Lebanon
Global Bitcoin Twitter news feed.

Bitcoin exchange Lebanon
Telegram chat group – Local Bitcoin peer to peer exchange.

Developer Resources
Bitcoin staging area.
Mostly uses bitcoind and includes a CLI block explorer.
Lightning Network Daemon zap
c-lightning — a Lightning Network implementation in C.
A minimalist c-lightning UI.

Miscellaneous Resources

Bitcoin whitepaper

Official Bitcoin Wallet Selector

PlanB’s Stock to Flow model

PlanB’s Stock to Flow Cross Asset model

Jameson Lopp’s Bitcoin Resources

Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown – Global Bitcoin P2P exchange.